Perimark Inc. is an American web analytics consultancy and web analytics agency headquartered in Denver, Colorado that provides continuous digital services to diverse industries.

The company’s core service combines evaluation, roadmapping, backlog development, delivery, and reporting. Perimark delivers its services utilizing proprietary products and a range of specialized plans that provide flexibility to clients depending on their real-time goals.

Perimark’s mission is to enable organizations to continuously adapt and thrive in a constantly changing digital landscape.

Perimark believes that technology shapes how people learn, communicate, and create, and is passionate about shaping products and services that help people focus on what they do best:

Be human.

the problem: “73.5% of organizations are not data-driven.”

Harvard Business Review

“83% of CEOs want a data-driven organization, but only 33% are comfortable questioning business KPIs and metrics.”


“developers, marketers, and analysts will lose $3 trillion in productivity from work that is not data-driven in the next
10 years.”

Stripe, The Developer Coefficient

we work with organizations to
eliminate technical debt.

Technical debt describes what results when development teams take actions to expedite the delivery of a piece of functionality or a project which later needs to be refactored. In other words, it’s the result of prioritizing speedy delivery over perfect code.

and to turn
their data into

planned work.

Planned work can be defined as a technique used to foresee each step in a series of separate operations, with each step being taken at the right time and in the right place, while each operation is performed with maximum efficiency.

we believe

That technology shapes how people learn, communicate, and create, and are passionate about shaping products and services that help people focus on what they do best:

Be human.

our team drives digital success for 90+ accounts monthly.

At Perimark, we provide digital services to brands across industries, including, but not limited to, ecommerce, tech, consumer goods and services, retail, legal, healthcare, entertainment, and big construction. We also work closely with 501 (c) (3) organizations.

our clients empower us to focus on what we do best so they may do the same.

We work with our clients to make strategic sense of their data so that they can make informed decisions about their business.

Our team renders these services in the scope of tiered, monthly, no-contract membership plans that align with their goals.

our process includes
five steps:

1. Evaluation

2. Backlog

3. Roadmap

4. Delivery

5. Reporting

step 1. evaluation

Our Advanced Evaluation focuses on twelve (12) core areas of your digital presence, designed to give you a complete view.


Key points, successes, challenges, and goals.


Top of funnel acquisition/channel.


On-site activity and purchasing behavior.


Metrics e.g. cost per lead, acquisition.

Business Impact

Pipeline generation, opportunities, rev., etc.


Email, PPC, SEO, social, content.

Website + SEO

Metrics related to website performance.

Social Media

Social metrics and attribution/channel.

Email Marketing

Metrics e.g. list growth rate, open rate.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising metrics, attribution.


Engagement rates, content performance.


Ideas, opportunities, improvement areas.

step 2. backlog

The Backlog is a To-Do List for improving performance. While the Evaluation provides the raw set of items that need to be addressed in order to improve, the Backlog is the place where these items are translated into tasks that can be stored, prioritized and delivered.


Generation of backlog.


Hrs/task assigned.


Tasks are prioritized.


Tasks are scheduled.

step 3. roadmap

The Roadmap is built from the Backlog and includes Timeframes, Goals, Initiatives, Schedules, Activities, and Status Indicators to put you on track to hit your goals, initiatives, and plans.

Here is an example of a client’s Q1 roadmap:


  • User Persona Dev
  • Content Calendar
  • Social Channels
  • White Paper
  • Marketing

  • Keyword Research
  • Dashboard Setup
  • CRM Setup
  • Conv. Tracking
  • Branding

  • Value Proposition
  • Landing Pages
  • Messaging
  • Lead Magnet
  • Sales

  • Process Review
  • Projections, Metrics
  • Pipeline Valuation
  • Product Literature
  • step 4. delivery

    Once tasks have been prioritized in the Backlog, they are moved for Delivery. You can have tasks delivered by Perimark, but you can also assign them to other 3rd party vendors or members of your team.

    Tasks are tracked through the delivery process as follows:

    Ready for Dev.

    Task quoted and client approves.

    Task In Progress

    Resource(s) begin work on task.

    Ready for Review

    Client reviews and approves task.

    Task Completed

    Task is marked completed.

    step 5. reporting

    Access your dashboard in real-time and receive snapshots to track your performance improvement.

    Meet monthly to review and chart a course for improvement.

    we are agile.

    Agile is the continuous planning, testing, integration and feedback from the stakeholders or clients throughout the delivery lifecycle.

    We use Agile to increase team involvement and continuously adapt to the changing environment.

    track project progress with auto-generated reports.

    meet our
    leadership team.

    Daniel Patton
    Daniel PattonCEO/Co-Founder
    Deloitte Digital
    University of
    Magnus Roos
    Magnus RoosPresident/Co-Founder
    Texas Instruments
    UT Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management
    Carl Cox
    Carl CoxCSO
    Cascade Strategy
    Allagi, Inc.
    University of Washington
    William Jay
    William JayCTO
    Motley Fool
    Deloitte Digital
    James Madison University
    Michael Rasko
    Michael RaskoCIO
    Rasko Digital Marketing
    Jordan Ramis PC
    Denison University
    Marcus Frye
    Marcus FryeCPO
    Walmart Digital
    Kansas State University

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