We make sure our members are data-driven and aware of the ever-changing digital landscape.

01 Evaluate

We help you link your data integrations to evaluate your performance.

02 Backlog

We record and prioritize your to-dos, opportunities, and deficits.

03 Roadmap

We meet with you to chart a course to achieve your digital objectives.

04 Deliver

We provide best-in-class delivery through our Preferred Agency Network.

05 Report

We review your performance snapshot in a 30 minute monthly meeting.

Step 1: An Evaluation That Gives You The Big Picture

Our Advanced Evaluation focuses on twelve (12) core areas of your digital presence, designed to give you a complete view.

Step 2: A Backlog That Helps You Improve

The Backlog is a To-Do List for improving performance. While the Evaluation provides the raw set of items that need to be addressed in order to improve, the Backlog is the place where these items are translated into tasks that can be stored, prioritized and delivered.

Step 3: A Roadmap To Keep You On Track

The Roadmap is built from the Backlog and includes Timeframes, Goals, Initiatives, Schedules, Activites, and Status Indicators to put you on track to hit your goals, initiatives, and plans. While every Roadmap is different, one might look like this:

Step 4: Delivery That Puts You In The Driver's Seat

Once tasks have been prioritized in the Backlog, they are moved for Delivery. You can have tasks delivered by Perimark, but you can also assign them to other 3rd party vendors or members of your team. Tasks are tracked through the Delivery Process as follows:

Step 5: Real-Time Reporting & Monthly Meetings

Access your dashboard in real-time and receive snapshots to track your performance improvement. Meet monthly to review and chart a course for improvement.

Basic integrations include Google Analytics, Search Console, and our Site Auditor. Klaviyo, SEMRush, and Google Ads are some of more than 45 advanced integrations.