Perimark's 3 Step Process (And Why You Should Care)

STEP 1: We encourage you to ask questions like, “How are my digital services performing?” and...

What is my website’s average load time?

If your site’s load time is more than 5 seconds on average, the majority of users are moving on before they even see your site.

Do I provide a good experience for mobile users?

By 2018, the majority of web users were accessing the web via their phones. Today, its imperative that your site loads quickly on mobile and that the user experience is straightforward.

Does my content inspire users to take action?

Content is king. Is the content on your site clearly driving users to take action? What kind of content are you using?

Do I provide users with an acceptable level of security?

Providing your users with a basic level of security will improve your search engine ranking and most importantly, keep their data secure.

STEP 2: We perform a comprehensive analysis of your online presence, including areas like:

Your Website

We look at technical factors like your site's load time, your hosting setup, the integrity of your code, how your site works on mobile, and hundreds of other factors.

Your Business Listings

We look at your listings including but not limited to Google My Business (GMB), Yelp, Facebook, and more to develop a holistic idea of where opportunities exist and can be maximized to drive more qualified traffic to your site.

Your SEO

We also look at both on-page and off-page SEO opportunities by counting the quality and quantity of backlinks to your website, assessing technical factors such as meta descriptions, and measuring your site's load time.

Your Reviews

We aggregate and analyze social proof across all of your online channels to develop a 360º view of your online reputation.

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STEP 3: We place you in the right digital services plan to drive results...faster. All plans provide:

Measured Performance

If you have a website and you’re not measuring its performance, its most likely doing nothing for your business. All of our plans provide deep accountability through the Perimark reporting dashboard.

A Clear Delivery Framework

A Perimark Plan is the best way to get started tackling the big performance issues with your online presence, as well as providing an ongoing solution for your digital marketing and website efforts.

No Contract

Perimark Plans give you the ability to build your digital footprint without the stress of a large contract. Our plans provide flexible service hours monthly which can be applied to the ongoing digital activities that drive your online presence.

Flexible Service Hours

Flexible service hours can be spent on activities such as email marketing campaigns, prototyping, mobile first design, website development, and SEO.

The bottom line is that if you have a website and you’re not measuring its performance, its most likely doing nothing for your business. Honestly, its probably hurting how potential customers experience your brand.

Performance Insights

All Perimark Plans provide ongoing digital insights with a focus on optimization. This starts with a comprehensive review of your digital marketing channels; traffic channels like websites and blogs; and paid search channels (if relevant).

Technical Tools

From there, we find 1) blind spots, 2) neglected areas, and 3) optimization opportunities. We then help you prioritize these to work on the items that matter most. Most importantly, we put tools in place to measure the value of your digital presence over time.

All Perimark Plans Include:

Personal Project Tracking Board

Deliverables and ongoing insights are tracked on your project tracking board. We help you drive decision making by providing ongoing team recommendations, which kick off the progress management chain.

Monthly Consultation Calls

We get on a monthly call with you to make decisions about what should be addressed first and to clarify any questions you or your team has about deliverables, insights, and recommendations.

Real-Time Reporting

We provide real-time reporting, which can be accessed directly in our Analytics Dashboard. PDF reports are available upon request.

24/7 Email Support

Send us an email anytime with questions, clarifications, or requests. We will follow up with you and make sure items are being tracked properly.

Centralized Management

A Perimark Plan makes its easy to collaborate across resources, and to scale to higher and lower resource capacities.

Expert Insights

Registering for a Perimark Plan means tapping into a well of knowledge. Let our core team of experts do what they do best so that you can do the same.

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Perimark has done a wonderful job for us not only in re-designing our website, but also now handling all of our IT work along with managing all our digital marketing. The team is extremely well-versed in all of the above! So thanks to the team and I can't recommend them enough - especially for any small to mid-sized company.
CEO, Commercial Lending Group, Inc.

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